Men's Raglan Zip Hoodie 350 - Armor Design A04
Men's Raglan Zip Hoodie 350 - Armor Design A04
Men's Raglan Zip Hoodie 350 - Armor Design A04
Men's Raglan Zip Hoodie 350 - Armor Design A04
Men's Raglan Zip Hoodie 350 - Armor Design A04
$ 135.00

Men's Raglan Zip Hoodie 350 - Armor Design A04



 Whether the job is to take the field, seize the castle, slay the dragon, or rescue the damsel ... our Chain Maille Armor designs with 2.5-D depth will let you look positively dashing when you do it.

***  A Perfect Choice for Your Next Renaissance Fair  ***

 This version features printed chain maille (a.k.a. "chainmail") sleeves in copper-green.  The torso is covered (front and back) with square-stitched leather armor in a bronze-green tone, with a matching design on the front hand pouches.

The outside of the hood carries a complementary, lighter-weight chain armor print on the hood in dark gold over leather, capped with a strip of stitched-leather scaling down the center.  The inside of the hood is printed with a gambeson-padding design on each side with a leather center stripe.  The interior, back-of-neck yoke has a matching leather lining print. 

 Waist and wrist cuffs complete the look, printed in a dark-rust leather tone


 Our special, soft-touch 100% Cotton fabric not only carries our printed design with bold color and crisp detail, it keeps you warm and breathable with a smooth exterior and French-terry interior for added moisture control.  This heavyweight (350 gsm) material will help keep you comfy even in a cold, stiff wind.
 The hood has a smooth-cotton lining on the inside for comfort, plus 3-panel construction both inside and out for durable and design flexibility.  A matching Black drawstring is included and comes pre-threaded (without stoppers).

 The Raglan sleeve construction provides ample flexibility of movement (always critical in battle) and finishes off with a durable YKK zipper in Black.  Cuffs are made in ribbed-knit cotton for a more comfortable fit and great shape retention.

 Our Will Barger Dyed-In Design™ is infused directly into the fabric, much like the color of a standard "blank" garment is bulk-dyed into the fabric.  It never flakes off, and highly fade-resistant.

This durable durable garment requires no special care.  Machine wash in warm water, but actively avoid bleach.  Tumble dry on Low, or line-dry.

WARNING:  Will Barger Chain Maille hoodies are not suitable as a shield against attack by dragon fire, boiling oil, swords, arrows, ball-and-chain, clubs, hammers, gunfire, missiles, or nuclear explosion, etc.