FTP (Fuck The Police) LEGGINGS Art-Wear by BeckWerks
FTP (Fuck The Police) LEGGINGS Art-Wear by BeckWerks
FTP (Fuck The Police) LEGGINGS Art-Wear by BeckWerks
FTP (Fuck The Police) LEGGINGS Art-Wear by BeckWerks
FTP (Fuck The Police) LEGGINGS Art-Wear by BeckWerks
FTP (Fuck The Police) LEGGINGS Art-Wear by BeckWerks
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FTP (Fuck The Police) LEGGINGS Art-Wear by BeckWerks



If you have time, please read what I've written below the details of the pack here so you can see how and why I feel how I do and would make this FTP pack.. 

Art-Ware by Beckwerks 

Composed of a durable tricot knit, these leggings are built to last. 4 way stretch ensures a perfect fit. Mid weight 260gsm tricot ensures comfort in any weather conditions, and keeps anything underneath invisible.

- 80% polyester, 20% spandex, 260gsm tricot fabric
- elastic waistband
- double needle stitching


A classic backpack silhouette, this single pocket bag is simple and sturdy.  600 denier polyester construction with adjustable padded straps.  One large main compartment with easy zipper access.  External zippered pocket with basic pocket organizer.

- 600 denier polyester
- basic pocket organizer
- 16.75" x 13" x 8.5", 1550 cu. in.

For over 50 years I have survived on this planet with no help at all from any police! My dad was an alcoholic drug addicted abusive monster that beat the shit out of my mom and I for 15 years. Not ever once did cops help us when my mom called or neighbors called. 

 I myself called the cops a number of times over the years when my stuff got stolen, including a rifle that my grandpa gave me. No help ever for any of my stuff stolen,,always get some canned responses of nothing found yet, can't ever find the guys etc.. Not even when I found the guy who stole my rifle in custody in court did I get help. I got told to fuck off basically.

 I can't even keep track of how many times I have been hassled, harassed, threatened, ticketed, arrested and fucked with by cops over the years or the thousands of dollars  they have sucked from my life over all. on a direct me and them, them and me level.Add to that t, the amount they have gotten and continue to get from my and everyone else's  taxes to pay for all their wages, equipment, facilities, guns, ammo (they are using to kill un-armed and or properly armed American Citizens of all colors, race, genders, and age all over America and countless dogs/people's most loyal companions), cameras (they conveniently "didn't turn on " or that "malfunctioned" or that the public who pays for it all is only allowed to see the fragments and at times altered portions they decide to show us or flat out refuse to show)., the fucking gazillions of dollars they cost us for all the law suits they get against them , to pay for all the people they lock up that we pay for so the private prison system can screw us all harder even, or the countless kids who are left without one of both parents that we all get more of our money taken from us to pay for counseling, and foster care for. or  the jobs lost and or made unavailable to me because of my arrest records..

 If I was able to figure that amount out, I am sure it would be absolutely sickening to actually see!    

Over the last recent 4 years my cousin was filled full of bullets by 6 cops out in a field behind a cemetery on his birthday, 

Our prior neighbor who was a single dad raising his six young children got tasered to death by 5 deputies on his front porch in front of his 6 kids who are all now scattered all over in foster care that we all are paying for and counseling we are paying for (we all as in you me all of us via our taxes they take) He called 911 for help because he was poisoned by his ex girlfriend.  

How many times have many of us seen cops helping our fellow citizens out like that? I have seen them beat, threaten, yell at, cuss at, bully, lie to, frame and kill seniors or a;ll colors, races and genders all over America who didn't break any laws and or needed help some did because they were robbed or had a stroke etc..

 I have seen them shooting like psycho maniacs  all over through their windshield while driving chasing people who allegedly broke the law or who they assumed broke the law or they suspected might break the law at some point . I have seen them smash into bikers and other vehicles on purpose and kill the drivers and others. I have seen them kill innocent American Citizens by doing things like these and even now recent;y we have them going into other peoples homes and killing them, claiming they thought they were in their own home and that there was an intruder.. YEAH RIGHT! 

-And as if that isn't enough to make a person decide that cops are not doing us any good after half a century of experience with them , there is more and it has really left me feeling sick inside. 

We had one of our new Moderators of our Facebook group TAT get totally completely screwed over by the LA County Sheriffs after she had been threatened by some weirdo on a train in Santa Monica at 10 pm Monday June 22nd 2020. She sent us a couple messages to our Admin/Moderator chat conveying she was feeling threatened and was scared needing us to call for help for her via 911. 911 was called all the way from Northern Carolina by one of our other moderators (Michelle) all the way into the LA County Sheriffs to help our moderator Catherine Helms.

 She sent us her current location, her picture as she looked at that moment, a picture of the guy who she said was threatening her on the train, two video clips of the Sheriffs deputies not helping her and a few messages saying they were being jerks to her and they they weren't going to help her and then one last one saying they had her go to a shelter that was locked and nobody was answering the call... That was the last we ever herd from Catherine. I knew something bad was happening and tried to get hold of the sheriffs but having to send in a message through their auto bot thing on their website which I did before daylight that morning,  I send a huge detailed message and that it was urgent she needed help and that I have the messages the pictures and the video she sent us that I wanted to send them to help her get found and back to safety before it was too late

. I followed up with an even bigger email message through their contact spot ion their site  which got me a response saying yes to send them all the chats, vids and pics which I did. A day later at 8:30 at night I get an email from a deputy who tells me that he escorted her to xvz shelter right across the street from the metro train station. We called the shelter in the morning and was informed that the "shelter" was NOT a shelter at all and never had been. They explained that it is a resource center and nothing more and that right on the front t=door it even states that along with the time they are open from 9-5. So we are tripping now and call the number that deputy gave u=us in his email for reaching him at the office. The number did not go to the Sheriffs Dept whatsoever, Luckily he was able to find us a working phone number that gets answered at the LASD. 

We called and was told the deputy was not  in and then told the sergeant about the whole thing and what the deputy told us and that we called and were told the place is not a shelter and the deputy gave us a wrong number and meanwhile our moderator who don't have a clue about LA is still now missing in LA and  Oh My God what a load of shit every one of those people were about all this. It wasn't till a week went by before they finally did a report and with such a shit head attitude like it was fucking putting him out to fill out a report on her, He let  me know that basically nothing will be done to help her or find her... 

This situation is right after all the BLM protests and riots all over the country and with the whole de-funding of the police that is being demanded. I do feel very much in my heart and soul that after more than a half a century of experience with cops and sheriff both, that I qualify to be able to make a reasonable choice on what I feel about the police now. I can't justify paying like we all are for the absolute shit treatment and uselessness of the cops we pay to protect and serve us! 

For all the money they have sucked from me and problems they have caused and all the zero help at all not EVER, I say FUCK THE POLICE! 

 I have always ended up having to deal with any problems my self and even gotten fucked over by cops for doing that  so that is where I am with it. You might have had a different life experience with them than I and feel different. That is good that you have been fortunate like that and I respect how you feel and ask that you respect how I feel in return. 

AND if you are cool to me and want a custom pack or something else along the print stuff like this, talk to me and I have no problem, making custom stuff for people even if you want one that is all about loving the police. I am cool with that totally.!  I wish I could feel that way but it is what it is and no fault of yours or mine really... 

I'm not a cop hater either. I am just disgusted with what I see so many cops doing and I am worried sick about the future for my kids and theirs and know things need to change and better things need to be created for us all.  We have lots of serious problems in our world right now and I hope we can make good changes. I have to survive and also feel I need to speak up for those who I know have been done wrong by cops and this is one way I can help make sure they are not just forgotten about. Their lives matter because ALL LIVES MATTER!   No matter what color you are or what gender you are or who you are or how much you have or your age or what you have done in the past or may or may not do in the futures, your life matters because all of our lives matter!