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#DareToBeTazdo | "Are you ready to change your style?" | We make all our products from scratch, using the highest quality raw materials and finishes. | 100% Money Back Guarantee if the product you receive is damaged. Transactions are 100% Safe & Easy. You don't need to sign up to buy a product. Shipping & taxes calculated at checkout. Each page contains 48 real result items and is arranged in sequence according to the SKU number. Different items but having the same SKU number means that the items are in pairs, even so you can buy one of them. Write the SKU number if you want to buy later or click the link below if you are ready to buy now. We create amazing fashion retail quality products with 360 degree printing, cut and sew assembly, and direct fulfillment to you. This is premium quality product at a bargain price. You will get the same quality product as Nike, Puma, Timberland, Reebok, and Adidas. Shipping from our factory in Shenzhen, China with delivery time no later than 2 months per valid order for international shipping to arrive at your location Safely & Effectively. Quite a long time, indeed, but later you will be very satisfied with the top quality finished product. We will make it very special for you. Please give us a chance to prove this to you although the appearance of our store is simple but we have an instant and powerful shopping system, so don't hesitate to act now. Love it! Buy it! Use it! Pair the favorite products you choose with your favorite fashion items and create an effortless style or make it a surprise gift for someone you care about.. You definitely won't regret it. Bookmark (Ctrl+d) this shop before you leave. This is your last chance, because when you ignore, then you will regret it in the future because we have a lot of the next product with an amazing design that will amaze you and you just skip it. FAQ & Size Chart: read at the bottom of the page. Short questions please leave in our Twitter message box | TPSN: 8b6a262d-3a7c-490d-9a71-9a3dfad3f7a8, TLU: intazdo.blogspot.com/mfd/list. And if you interested in placing wholesale orders we can help with that. please let us know by email via this link, https://intazdo.blogspot.com/order/bulk

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