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Rebel Child Designs

Samuel Nygard is an American artist and writer. Born and raised in New Jersey, he is 1/4 of a family of creative minds. Influenced at an early age by his artist father, Samuel took an interest in drawing and painting. Growing up 10 minutes from the Hip-Hop capital of the world, Bronx Ny, he quickly was engulfed in the urban artistic lifestyle of graffiti art. Following in the foot steps of his older brother, painting his name on walls around town became routine. With an arrest record dating back to the tender age of 12 years old, Samuel embraced the culture and held many different "tags" along his journey.

Inspired by the many graffiti legends and street artists, who turned their passion into a well known and accepted practice, Samuel began to experiment with canvas. He quickly developed a definitive style, blending his graffiti with elements of abstract art. To this day, he has used his art to create not only stylish wall decor, but custom t-shirts, sneakers, back-packs, and other apparel, as well as skateboards, motorcycles and musical instruments. 

Many of his older pieces, came with a politically charged, revolutionary message. His "never conform" ideology can still be seen in many of his paintings and designs. Coming from a family of war veterans and activists, Samuel contends he uses images and words as a weapon, as well as a bandage.

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