Ikenndra Oliobi is the creative visionary mind behind the hot new brand Oliobi from Fortworth Texas. Oliobi studied fashion design at The Art Institute of Dallas with a Bachelors in fashion design. During her time she started the quest of deciding who she is as a designer and who does she represent as a designer. Through out her four year program her need for a challenge and color pushed her to create both beautiful, impeccable, and unheard of garments. 

Earlier this year in April 2018 Oliobi became the winner of the Ripleys believe It Or Not trashy fashion competition. Oliobi's winning design was a party dress made out of Diet Pepsi cans dedicated to her mother and grandmother. The dress was debuted on Good Morning Texas. As a Pepsi employee she also recieved company wide recognition for her aluminum masterpiece. The winning dress can be seen on permante display at the Ripleys Grand Parie, Texas location. After winning the grand prize of $1000 she knew exactly where to invest it; it would found her senior thesis collection entitled "Unapologetic". 

Unapologetic is Oliobi's first collection inspired by American painter Jean Micheal Basquiat, Hatitian culture, and voodoo. Through her studies of Basquait she began to see visual references between the three inspiration. As a designer Oliobi pushed her limits creating paintings in the style of Basquait, learning print development, and hand painting. What came out of it all was a choehsive collection for a woman who is bold, unafraid of who she is, and unapologetic about it. 

We invite you to be apart of her journey and to let us be apart of yours.

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