Our designs represent a Mabinda on the forehead of a Punu mask. We called them ''kind of Mabinda'' because they are ''a little bit'' different from the traditional Mabinda.

The Punus are known for the mysterious beauty of their masks. The white color of the face represents the serenity of the ancestors who rest in peace, protect and advise from the realm of the dead. The black mask represents the judicial aority, the courage and the wisdom to make difficult decisions and fight for justice, equality, equity, harmony and peace.

The Mabinda is the scarification formed by 9 small diamonds which together form a larger diamond. It is engraved on the forehead and the temples of Punu masks. Newly initiated children also receive Mabinda scarification, usually on the forearm, at the age of 10-14 years. 

The Mabinda represents the cosmogony of the Punu people. The central diamond represents God who created the World, represented by the 4 cardinal points: the 4 diamonds at the ends of the Mabinda, and the human beings, the 2 original couples represented by the 4 other diamonds.

The 9 diamonds also represent the 9 main clans of the Punu people. They are also associated with 9 neteru of ancient Egypt and 9 months of human pregnancy. As the number 9, the Mabinda evokes Perfection, Wisdom, Justice, Fullness, Initiation, Truth, Creation, Life, Love and Eternity, etc.  

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