Cosmo Graphix by Jonathan Quintin

I was born and raised in the beautiful, isolated island of New Zealand. However, I have spent 25 + years living in different places around the world. I love exploring ancient civilizations, especially after I noticed something most of them had in common… that their temples, pyramids, monuments etc were geometrically aligned to various star constellations. As well as the architectural alignment, geometry was also integral in their religious iconography and philosophy.


This field geometry is today known as "Cosmography" which means the study of universal shape, pattern and form.” It is something I have been working at full-time since 1986. This type of geometry is also known by various other terms such as: quantum geometry, fractal geometry, sacred geometry, geometric cosmology, universal geometry, ancient geometry and the inner geometry of nature.


The patterns that develop from the shape combinations are called Cosmograms. They symbolize how contrasting and diverse elements can be woven into a harmonious whole. They provide an opportunity for us to connect to something that is quite profound yet grounded in the science of math and geometry. 


Many universal principles are portrayed, such as assimilation, balance, coherence, equilibrium, fractalization, harmony, interconnectivity, optimization, sustainability, symbiosis, symmetry, synergy, transformation, unity, etc.


In an ever-changing and chaotic world, it can be comforting to experience something that is permanent and timeless, harmonious and profound.