Bainali Trends

Bainali Trends is an online store, specifically created to serve as a fundraising platform for Bainali Automobiles LLC. This is a recently established company in the automotive industry, based in Atlanta, GA. Both Bainali Trends and Bainali Automobiles LLC are businesses within the Alibain Business Group.

Bainali Automobiles LLC aims to design and manufacture high performance sports cars in the State of Georgia, making full use of local talent, especially those who have not been integrated into the automotive industry. The business also intends to provide internships to local students from institutions such as Georgia Tech, as well as provide a pathway into the industry for recent graduates.

Bainali Trends was created to allow you to support us in the pursuit of our dream automobile. The funds generated will help to meet overhead costs, designing of a business plan targeting large investors, legal and accounting services, and improving on the already existing design and engineering aspects of the car. Bainali Automobiles LLC requires a big push in order to gain some well needed traction in the highly competitive high-performance, luxurious sports cars industry.

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