850 Fitness Apparel

850 Fitness Apparel was born from a dream.

Edgar Solomon, designer and owner, fabricated a dream as he walked into a training facility for the first time. The trainer that took him under his wing at the age of 19 pushed him into the industry with one goal in mind. A goal that -at the moment, seemed like an unattainable dream: BECOME A PROFESSIONAL MEN'S PHYSIQUE COMPETITOR. 

As his journey began, the obstacles started to become harder and harder to overcome. Nevertheless Edgar Solomon always found the way to keep the chin up and no matter what the situation was, to fight through. 

Severe Gastritis, loss of loved ones, illness, financial struggle, are only a few obstacles to mention that Edgar Solomon -just as any other human being on this earth- had to overcome. 

To tell a long story short, with the dedication, hustle, pain, sacrifice, tears, and even fear, on the year of 2016 Edgar Solomon became a professional Men's Physique Competitor, earning a name, and the State Champion Title. 

He is now on his journey to overcome: Competing at a National Level and Earning his Pro Status. 

Shop around his magnificent and motivational designs.


"No Shortcuts To Reach A Dream"

-Edgar Solomon

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